Edition after edition, what many call the main Italian metropolitan film festival, dedicated to young, independent cinema, to emerging authors, to experimental techniques, has steadily grown while maintaining, however, that young soul that has characterized it since its premiere edition.

The Torino Film Festival has maintained over the years the desire to discover and discover how new cinema can offer and how beautiful anyone can find in the discovery (or rediscovery) of an author, a work, a theme, a style.

Every year the festival program consists of a mix of author’s cinema, genre cinema, panoramas on foreign cinematographies and video productions of various kinds distributing the selected films in different thematic sections.


Feature films

This is the main competition of the Torino Film Festival. Every year, the Festival selects about 15 international feature films, both fiction and documentaries, by international directors making their first or second movie.

A jury composed of 5 professionals from the world of film and culture awards the prize for best film, the  Sandretto Re Rebaudengo award, best actress, best actor, and best screenplay. The fifteen selected films also participate in the competition for the audience’s award.


Short film

Italiana.corti is the Torino Film Festival competition dedicated to short films which last up to a maximum of 40 minutes. Each year, the section, which comprises roughly ten films, is judged by a jury which awards the prize for best short and a special jury prize.

International documentaries and

Italian documentaries

TFFdoc is the macro-section of the Torino Film Festival dedicated to documentary films; it is divided into two competitions: Internazionale.doc is for international documentaries, whereas Italiana.doc is reserved to Italian documentaries.

Two juries, one per competition, will award the following prizes: best film and special jury prize in Internazionale.doc; and best film and special jury prize in Italiana.doc