Country: Brazil
Year: 1961
Duration: 90'

The fair of Agua dos Meninos at Salvador is a miserable universe. It is a microcosm where we meet prostitutes, tríckster lawyers, a rich woman who is sexually unsatisfied and has a Swedish sailor for a lover, a crazy man who wants to blow everything up, and others.


film director

Roberto Pires


& Credits

Director, screenplay and editor: Roberto Pires.
Plot: Rex Schlinder.
Director of photography: Hélio Silva.
Art director: José Teixeira de Araújo.
Music: Remo Usai.
Cast and characters: Geraldo del Rey (Roni), Helena Ignez (Eli), Luiza Maranhão (Maria), Antonio "Pitanga" Sampaio (Chico Diabo), Milton Gaúcho, David Singer, Roberto Ferreira, Milton Paz, Clélia Mattos, Roberto Pires, Lígia Ferreira, Milton Rocha.
Production company: Rex Schlinder, Braga Neto, Iglu Filmes.