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Torino Film Festival was established in 1982 as the International Youth Film Festival, or more simply Youth Cinema. The festival is a forum dedicated to supporting independent cinema, first and second works, documentaries and linguistic experimentation. The festival also supports research on the history of cinema.

What makes the Torino Film Festival unique is its commitment to diversity, collaboration and innovation. This unique mix draws a passionate community of filmmakers and film lovers to celebrate the power of cinema to unite and inspire us.

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Museo Nazionale

del Cinema

Among the most important in the world for the richness of the heritage and the multiplicity of its scientific and popular activities, the National Cinema Museum owes its uniqueness to the peculiarity of the exhibition layout.

Housed at the Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s symbolic monument, the Museum develops in a spiral upwards, on several exhibition levels, giving life to a spectacular presentation of its extraordinary collections and retracing the history of cinema from its origins to the present day, in a suggestive interactive itinerary.