The latest news from the 42nd Torino Film Festival directed by Giulio Base

The 42nd Torino Film Festival, directed by Giulio Base, was presented today at a press conference at Villa Miani in Rome. This TFF  is in continuity with the past and at the same time keeps a close eye on the new generations, capable of living, interpreting and sharing that strong, research-based soul that the TFF has always had and pursued.

The 42TFF’s opening will take place on November 22, 2024 in the outstanding setting of the Teatro Regio, a glamorous night that will see the screening of an international premiere film and national and international guests.

The program will be divided into 6 sections for a total of 120 films.
There will be four competitive sections: the main competition (16 films as world or international premieres), the documentary competition (16 titles as Italian premieres, with no distinction between Italian and international productions), the short film competition (24 titles as European premieres, with no distinction between Italian or foreign productions) and the “Leopardian” Zibaldone (24 titles in a totally free and heterogeneous space, with titles of all genres, with no constraints of duration, format, date or premiere and will include an audience award)
There are two non-competitive sections: the out-of-competition one (16 titles) and the retrospective dedicated to Marlon Brando (24 titles).

The selection board is made up of young people with a lot of experience behind them. Three men and three women, with age between 22 and 32, chosen because they are able to tell and intercept visions of their peers, without denying the past. They thus become, in a way, intermediaries and guarantors in preserving and keeping alive that original and fresh spirit that has always characterised the TFF.

The 42TFF selectors are, in alphabetical order, Davide Abbatescianni, Martina Barone, Ludovico Cantisani, Elvira Del Guercio, Veronica Orciari e Davide Stanzione.