The 42nd Torino Film Festival directed by Giulio Base dedicates the retrospective to Marlon Brando

2024 marks the hundredth anniversary of his birth

The major retrospective of the 42nd Torino Film Festival, that will take place from 22 to 30 November 2024 and will be directed for the first time by Giulio Base, is dedicated to Marlon Brando.

“After I was appointed, I immediately started working on my TFF project and I imagined an important tribute to Marlon Brando, perhaps the greatest actor ever, no one has left such a powerful mark in the history of cinema like he did, he is the model to which performers all over the world look up to – says Giulio Base, Director of the TFF. On the centenary of his birth, it seemed right and proper to dedicate a large retrospective to the man who revolutionized the art of acting, leaving an indelible mark not only in the cinematic imagery but in generating characters who have become icons of costume.

“With the announcement of this retrospective, Giulio Base’s direction begins to take shape,” underline Enzo Ghigo and Domenico De Gaetano, respectively president and director of the National Museum of Cinema in Turin. The choice of a tribute dedicated to Marlon Brando combines past and present and traces the entire career of one of the greatest actors of all time, often controversial but always relevant. Best wishes to the director and all the staff of the TFF for this new edition“.

The appointment is for March 6th, 2024 with the press conference that will present the new Torino Film Festival, edition number 42.

The Torino Film Festival is powered by the National Museum of Cinema