Country: Brazil
Year: 1959
Duration: 20'

The film describes the miserable lives of the descendants of the slaves, who founded a "quilombo." The men plant cotton in the dry ground. The women work in crafts in an economic cycle that does not bring in cash. The poverty of the film-making is an expression of the miserable conditions that are not present only in the reality that is represented in the film, but contaminates the very material nature of the film. Aruanda made possible an important moment in ideological and esthetic reflection of the Cinema Nôvo. Quickly all defects were justified as expressions of underdevelopment.


film director

Linduarte Norenha


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Linduarte Norenha.
Fotografia e montaggio: Ruelker Vieira.
Assistenti alla regia: Vladimir Carvalho, João Ramiro Mello.
Production company: Instituto Joaquim Nabuco de Pesquisas Soiais (Recife), Ince (Rio), Associação dos Críticos Cinematográficos de Paraíba.