Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 14'

There is an older woman living alone. There is a class photograph turned yellow with time that she finds by chance at the bottom of a drawer. It takes very little before a subtle game begins to be played out along the lines of her memory. There are memories, laughter, grudges, and regrets that sprout forth. The woman questions the girls who were once her classmates. At first she proceeds with a persuasive manner, and then her questions get more and more direct and nasty. The girls get confused and scared and try to rise up against her. However, everything is useless. They have fallen into an anguished nightmare, held prisoner by memory. This film is inspired by Dino Buzzati's short story, Solo Performance.


film director

Marco Pozzi

Marco Pozzi (Varese, 1964) studied Literature, specializing in Social Communication at the Catholic University of Milan. He did academic research on new Italian cinema for about three years. In 1990 he worked as screenwriter and assistant director in the making of two short films produced by RAI 2. Since 1991 he has been participating in the activities of the group, "Ipotesi Cinema", coordinated and directed by Ermanno Olmi.


Calcio di rigore (video, 1991), Rosso fuoco (video, 1992), Cuore di mamma (video, 1993), L'avamposto della speranza (doc., 1993), Calze nere (1995), Assolo (1995), Motus perpetuus - Umberto Mastroianni (16mm, 1996), Doom (1996).


& Credits

Director: Marco Pozzi.
Screenplay: Andrea Bempensante, Giovanni Robbiano.
Director of photography: Claudio Bellero.
Editor: Luca Maria Riboldi.
Music: Claudio Pelissero.
Cast: Isa Barzizza, Alessandra Basile, Anita Caprioli, Giovanna di Rauso, Fabrizia Mutti, Caterina Scalenghe.
Production company: Tark Film s.r.l., piazza Luigi di Savoia 2, 20124 Milano, tel. +39026674932, fax +39026704142.