Country: Brazil
Year: 1968
Duration: 28'

In an unidentified country, the head of a government tries to get out of a political crisis by playing his last card. He makes a live declaration on television. However, his behavior crosses over into hysteria and his nerves have a short circuit. While his aggression increases more and more on television, the demonstrations against his government get more and more rabid. The head of the government gets desperate, and ends up admitting his mistakes. The demonstrators invade the television studio and the broadcast is interrupted. "The thematic concerns of Bl`... Bl`... Bl`... are wider than merely those of the time when the film was made. The film reaches out to the future. In a country without political crises and without civil power, the naive and delirious eloquence that the film makes fun of is continuing triumphantly. It is enough to read a newspaper." (Jairo Ferreira)


film director

Andrea Tonacci


& Credits

Regia, sceneggiatura e produzione: Andrea Tonacci.
Director of photography: João Carlos Horta.
Montaggio, suono in presa diretta: Geraldo Veloso.
Music: Flávia Calabi Magalhães, estratti da Aaron Copland.
Cast: Paulo Gracindo, Irma Alvarez, Nelson Xavier, Marcelo Pietsch, Teo Feltrini Neto, Eduardo Mamede, Vicente Mutarelli, Marcio de Pinho, Carlos P. de Almeida.