Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 7'

After Claudia and Stefano have an argument, dream and reality crisscross in actions that stretch out over a tight line from a suicide, to a gas leak, a clock that shouldn't have rung, an explosion, and so on...


film director

Alessandro Colizzi

Alessandro Colizzi (Rome, 1962) received his university degree in Film History. He wrote his thesis on the figure of the woman in the films of Fassbinder. He worked as assistant director in Anna Maria Tatò's Desiderio and in Ettore Scola's Maccheroni.


Bluff (1995).


& Credits

Director: Alessandro Colizzi.
Screenplay: Alessandro Colizzi, Silvia Cossu.
Director of photography: Marco Pontecorvo.
Editor: Alessio Doglione.
Music: Pier Francesco Colizzi.
Sound: Elio Gualfucci (presa diretta).
Cast and characters: Claudia De Seta (Claudia), Stefano Viali (Stefano).
Production company: Dedalus Film, via Guido Banti 33, 00191 Roma, tel. e fax +39063336406.