Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 20'

The schizophrenic delirium of a smith alienated from his own work. The film presents three levels of the smiths altered perceptions: the level of reality as experienced and imagined, the level of the objects that surround him, and, lastly, the level of his own self, seen in the final as a future chicken.


film director

Matteo Pellegrini

Matteo Pellegrini (Milan, 1967) graduated from D.A.M.S. at Bologna. He also received a degree from the Center for Professional Training in Film Techniques in Milan.


Vita disonesta (1990), Il barbiere (1990), Sabbia & dolore (1993), Tricicles (1994), Clinicamente fabbro (1996), 5 Aprile (1996), Tourbillon (1997).


& Credits

Director and plot: Matteo Pellegrini.
Director of photography: Alessandro Pavoni.
Editor: Massimo Germoglio.
Sound: Tiziano Crotti.
Cast and characters: Ivano Marescotti (il fabbro).
Produttore esecutivo: Mario Castagna.
Production company: Altamarea Cinematografica, via Olmetto 3, 20123 Milano, tel. +3902-8645224, fax +39028053093, Rumblefish, via Forcella 13, 20144 Milano, 451 Film, c/o Altamarea Cinematografica.



UN ANNO DI CORTI ITALIANI AWARD 1995 - In collaborazione con C.I.C. Aiace

Special Mention