Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 11'

It is one morning like any other. A young woman is going to work by subway. Her eye strikes upon a newspaper article entitled "Woman Raped in Daylight Hours". The young woman starts to feel the unpleasant sensation that she is surrounded by men who are staring at her. One of these men comes up to her and starts to annoy her. She gets out at the next stop breathless and terrified. The man follows her, but he is not alone, The chase through the subway corridors becomes more and more frenetic until he manages to catch up to her, bid at this point...


film director

Marco Turco

Marco Turco (Roma, 1960) worked as assistant director with Damiano Damiani, Franco Giraldi, Gianfranco Albano, and Alfredo Angeli as well as with Gianni Amelio for his films - Porte aperte, Il ladro di bambini and Lamerica. He also worked in the drafting of screenplays with Andrea Porporati, Doriana Leondeff, Alessandra Sermoneta, and Roberta Torre. He has directed video clips and commercials.


La sveglia (35mm, 1994), Coincidenze (1995).


& Credits

Director: Marco Turco.
Screenplay: Antonio Manzini, Marco Turco.
Director of photography: Luca Bigazzi.
Editor: Simona Paggi.
Music: Franco Piersanti.
Sound: Tullio Morganti (presa diretta).
Cast: Lorenza Indovina, Franco Trevisi, Antonio Manzini, Lino Salemme.
Production company: TVMA & Associati, via Benedetto Marcello 6, 20124 Milano, tel. +3902-29404329, fax +390229521268.