Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 9'

Elmer is a multicolored elephant who happily entertains the whole elephant herd. One day he thinks that maybe they are all laughing at him because he is different from them. So he decides that he too should become grey, so that he can go around with no one looking at him. The herd no longer enjoy themselves. The rain sees to it that he becomes multi colored again. Then they all throw him a party.


film director

Laboratorio Immagine «Millelire»

The «Millelire» Image Workshop originated in early 1978 as a workshop of the A. Cairoli Elementary School. The workshop is a structure of the Cultural and Communication Resources Commission of the city government. It produces audiovisual materials and courses for elementary and middle-school students and functions as a consultant in image education for teachers, parents, students, and workers in public and private agencies or services (local government districts, schools, associations, cooperatives, laboratories, etc.). The workshop participated in the last five Turin Film Festivals.


& Credits

Production company: Comune di Torino, Assessorato al Sistema Educativo, Laboratorio Immagine 1 "Millelire", via Millelire 40,10127 Torino, Italy, tel. +39-0116064937.




First Prize