Country: Brazil
Year: 1965

"It often happens that a short film or a documentary is made only in order to make a film and for this reason it is not given the importance that it deserves. This was a documentary about the evolution of the 'gold cycle.' It begins with its vestiges that have survived until today, such as 'Ouro Preto'. This footage is mixed with several comments from that time. It is a montage done with comments and Baroque music." (Gustavo Dahl)


& Credits

Director, screenplay and editor: Gustavo Dahl.
Director of photography: Pedro de Morais.
Music: Bach, Scarlatti, Lobo de Mesquita, Orejon e Aparício.
Narrazione: Paulo José.
Production company: Setor de Filmes do Departamento e da Divis`o Cultural do Ministério das Relações Exteriores.