Country: Brazil
Year: 1968
Duration: 73'

Four very dissimilar people meet on a little island near Rio. Alfredo has been made blind, deaf, and dumb due to an accident. He is the owner of the island, which has become his refuge. Ula, his wife, is sensual and very much younger than Alfredo. She married him before the accident. Felipe is young, seductive, and insensitive to other people's emotions. Mariana, his wife, is a student of concrete music in New York. Felipe was her first and only boyfriend. Ula and Felipe end up becoming lovers, while Mariana and Alfredo form a strong bond. "Fome de amor was supposed to directed by on e of my assistants. I was supposed to have limited myself to supervising. However, at the end, the producer did not want to accept the screenplay he was presented with. So, I took up the direction of the film with the widest freedom to embellish the story. After Vidas secas I was being offered the conditions for being able to complete a big project... I wrote the film bit by bit while I was shooting... and I did it like this, reinventing it continuously, up until the time of the editing and dubbing. This seemed my most personal film. It was no longer what I had intended to do. It transformed itself into what I was really trying at the moment when I was shooting. In Fome de amor criticism is not fundamental, but its opposite - the overcoming of criticism." (Nelson Pereira dos Santos)


film director

Nelson Pereira dos Santos


& Credits

Director: Nelson Pereira dos Santos.
Screenplay: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Luiz Carlos Ripper.
Plot: Guilherme Figueiredo.
Director of photography: Dib Lufti.
Art director: Luiz Carlos Ripper.
Editor: Rafael Justo Valverde.
Music: Guilhermo Magalhães Vaz.
Cast: Leila Diniz, Arduíno Colassanti, Irene Stefania, Paulo Porto, Manfredo Colassanti, Lia Rossi, Olga Danitch.
Production company: Herbert Richers Produçoes Cinematografica, Paulo Porto.