Country: UK
Year: 1995
Duration: 20'

A young boys game in a back court somewhere in Glasgow goes wrong, resulting in one of them being trapped in a discarded fridge. In the hours that follow, the responsability for this young life falls into the hands of Alice and Rudy who are themselves homeless, friendIess and on the verge of chronic alcoholism. As none else is seemingly willing or able to help, the strenght and resolve of unlikely rescuers is pushed to the limits. Lurking around the edge of this pathetic arena is Charlie an older down and out whose face and body are horrifically scarred having been set alight by a group of youngsters some years previous. Compassion and bitterness are locked in baffle to determine the fate of a nine year old boy.


film director

Peter Mullan

Peter Mullan (Peterhead, United Kingdom, 1959) became involved in the world of theater when he was studying economics at the University of Glasgow. In the 1990s he began his career as a TV and film actor, acting in films like Riff Raff (1991) and My Name Is Joe (1998) by Ken Loach – for which he received the prize for best actor at Cannes – and Shallow Grave (1994) and Trainspotting (1996) by Danny Boyle. Alongside his acting career he also dedicated himself to screenwriting and directing and made three shorts before directing Orphans, which won best film at the Critics’ Week at the 1998 Venice Film Festival, and The Magdalene Sisters, which won the Golden Lion in Venice in 2002. Neds is his third feature film.


filmografia essenziale/essential filmography

Close (cm, 1993), Good Day for the Bad Guys (cm, 1995), Fridge (cm, 1995), Orphans (id., 1998), The Magdalene Sisters (Magdalene, 2002), Neds (2010). 


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Peter Mullan.
Director of photography: Grant Scott Cameron.
Art director: Campbell Gordon.
Editor: Colin Marte.
Music: Craig Armstrong.
Cast and characters: Gary Lewis (Rudy), Vicki Masson (Alice), Laurie Ventry (Charlie).
Production company: Antonine Films, Greenbridge Films, 57 St. Vincent Crescent, Glasgow 43 8NQ, UK, tel. +44-141-2213435, fax +44-141-2487033.
Foreign sales agent: BBC Scotland Programme Development, BBC Scotland, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow 412 8DG, UK, tel. +44-141-3382204, fax +44-141-3382792.