Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 6'

Video as pre-cinema, as the memory of a possible cinema. Video as the electronic background noise to the production of material images. Documentary shadowing of a subject as a dialectic instrument for a filmic reflection on Reality and Vision. Video-Memory as the first and last aspiration for cinema, from Vertov to widespread videotaping.


film director

Angelo Amoroso d'Aragona

He began his activity in 1987 with the production center, TRANSTV, which he founded and manages. TRANSTV produced a television program on the Florence Film Festival (Forse Fioriranno Film - an encounter with young independent film) for the regional RAI, two short films by Fabio Segatori (Il corpo della Cappadocia and Lontana), a documentary video by Luca Gasparini on CCCP (Tempi moderni, distribued by BMG Ariola), and other works. In 1992 Fuori Orario (RAITRE) broadcast his report on Albanian refugees in Bari. Since 1991 he has attended the Ipotesi Cinema school at Bassano del Grappa and participated in the project, Postazione per la memoria, directed by Ermanno Olmi. From 1988 to 1991 he attended workshops on directing, editing, screen writing, acting, and theatrical improvisation.


Forse fioriranno film (1987), Stesso desiderio (1993), Frammento orfico (1993), Un sabato di maggio (1994), Il velo della madonna (1994), Processione 167 (1994), La sponda (1994), Fuori campo (1995).


& Credits

Director and editor: Angelo Amoroso d'Aragona.
Assistente al montaggio: Loredana Pirazzoli.
Production company: TRANSTV Angelo Amoroso d'Aragona, viale Ennio 1 /A, 70124 Bari, tel. +39-080-5575246, fax +39-080-5575246.




First Prize