Country: Brazil
Year: 1933
Duration: 85'

Marcos, a rich engineer, kills his wife on his wedding night when he discovers that she is not a virgin. This event shaker the public opinion of the capital. He is brought to trial, judged, and acquitted. He goes off to the provinces, to Guarahiba, where he hopes to made his life over. There he supervises the construction of a factory, assisted in his work by Décio. Décio is a friend of his who lives with his paralysed mother and adopted sister named Sonia. A relationship between Sonia and Marcos starts up. However, Décio is in love with the happy-going girl. Décio opens up his emotions to Sonia and is rejected, and he then finds understanding only in his mother. One day Sonia tells Décio that she was seduced by Marcos. Decio reacts to this revelation by raping the girl in turn. He then challenges Marcos in the middle of brawl, and this is the way he loses his life. Marcos and Sonia get together again and get married.


film director

Humberto Mauro


& Credits

Director: Humberto Mauro.
Screenplay: Octavio Gabus Mendes, Humberto Mauro.
Director of photography: Afrodisio de Castro, Paulo Morano, Edgar Brasil.
Music: Radamés Gnatalli, Humberto Mauro.
Cast and characters: Durval Bellini (Marcos), Déa Selva (Sonia), Lu Marival (la madre), Décio Murillo (Décio), Andréa Duarte, Alfredo Nunes, Ivan Vilar, Carlos Eugenio, Francisco Bevilacqua.
Production company: Adhemar Gonzaga, Cinédia