Country: Brazil
Year: 1968
Duration: 90'

We are in more than just Brazil. We are in the Third World. The comedian, Jô Soares, goes around a favela dressed up like a samuraí and mobbed by little kids. A judge wants to decapitate a very beautiful, nude young woman. A monster - a mutant that looks like The Thing - wanders around the city. We see soldiers torture studente in a hospital. Two Nazis try to use the same bathroom at the same time. Hilter receives a woman visitor. The samurai kills the Nazi. A student is castrated. The samurai tries many times to commit hara-kiri on the street.

"It is worth repeating that Hitler, Third World of 1968 is the most radical and extraordinary attempt at alternative cinema out of everything that has been tried in Brazil." (Caetano Veloso)

"Hitler, Third World is one of bravest films of our experimental cinema. It was not shown in public until 1984. Yet, it is a militanit film. It is a poetically political film. José Agrippino de Paula is not only a great filmmaker. He is one of the greatest, known independetit artists. He is a genial writer and a rernarkable man of the theater." (Jairo Ferreira)


film director

José Agrippino de Paula


& Credits

Director and screenplay: José Agrippino de Paula.
Director of photography: Jorge Bodansky.
Editor: Rud` de Andrade, Walter Luiz Rogério.
Music: José Mauricio Nunes (selezione).
Songs: Caetano Veloso.
Cast and characters: Jô Soares (il samurai), José Ramalho (Hitler), Eugénio Kusnet (il magistrato), Ruth Escobar (madre dello studente), Tulio de Lemos, Fernando Benini, Luiz Fernando de Rezende, Sylvia Werneck, Maria Esther Stockler, Jairo Salvini, Danielle Palumbo.
Production company: José Agripino de Paula per Sonda Filmes.