Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 17'45''

This short film is the story of and interview with Ermanno Valtulina, born out of a stormy love affair between a young woman, a garment worker from Bergamo, and Zelig, the famous protagonist of Woody Allen's film. Ermanno promised his mother, on her death bed, never to abandon their home town, Bergamo. This is the reason why his highest ambition to become a famous film actor - is frustrated, even though he inherited his father's chameleonlike nature. Nevertheless, he does not hesitate to sneak into the casts of the main films that have been shot in that city. In fact, we see him appear as a walkon in L'albero degli zoccoli, Allonsanfan, Colpire al cuore, and Roger Corman's Frankenstein. Before a fictitious team of journalists, Ermanno reconstructs his life, his conflicting relationship with his father, his loves, and a series of misadventures that resulted from the chameleonlike duplicity of his personality.


film director

Davide Ferrario

(Casalmaggiore, Cremona, Italy, 1956) graduated in Anglo-American literature. In the beginning of the 1980s he works with different cinema magazines and organizes film festivals and events. He is the author of many essays on cinema, of novels and several screenplays. He has directed short films and documentaries, and, among the long feature films, we would like to mention La fine della notte, Tutti giù per terra, based on the novel by Giuseppe Culicchia, and Guardami, screened in Venice in 1999. His novel Fade to Black, with fiction figure of Orson Welles, has been translated in many languages and in 2006 became an Oliver Parker’s film production of the same title. He partecipated at the Torino Film Festival with several titles, among which Materiale resistente (1995), codirected with Guido Chiesa, Sexx (2016), and Cento anni (2017). In 2020 he presented at the Festival the documentary feature Nuovo cinema paralitico (2020).


Non date da mangiare agli animali (cm, 1987), La fine della notte (1989), Lontano da Roma (doc, 1991), Anime fiammeggianti (1994), A Rimini (cm, 1995), Il figlio di Zelig (cm, 1995), Materiale resistente (co-regia Guido Chiesa, doc, 1995), Confidential Report (doc, 1996), Estate in città (cm, 1996), Partigiani (doc, 1997), Tutti giù per terra (1997), Figli di Annibale (1998), Sul quarantacinquesimo parallelo (doc, 1998), Guardami (1999), Comunisti (doc, 1999), Linea di confine (doc, 2000), La rabbia (doc, 2000), Le strade di Genova (doc, 2001), Fine amore: mai (doc, 2002), I Tigi a Gibellina (doc, 2002), Mondonuovo (doc, 2003), Dopo mezzanotte (2003), Se devo essere sincera (2004), La strada di Levi (doc, 2006), Tutta colpa di Giuda (2009), Piazza Garibaldi (doc, 2012), La luna su Torino (2014), La zuppa del demonio (doc, 2014), Accademia Carrara: il museo riscoperto (doc, 2015), Sexxx (doc., 2016), Cento anni (doc., 2017), Nuovo cinema paralitico (docufilm, 2020), Blood on the Crown (2021).


& Credits

Regia, soggetto e sceneggiatura: Davide Ferrario.
Aiuto regia: Isabella Ciarchi.
Director of photography: Giovanni Cavallini.
Sound: Tiziano Crotti.
Scenografia e costumi: Franca Bertagnoli.
Cast: Flavio Bonacci