Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 10'

At the invitation of the director of an expsychiatric hospital, a woman accompanied by her young daughter goes to visit a distant relative of her husband. The patient has been admitted because of his slowness, and he is the hospital's oldest patient. On that day he will be one hundredyears old. The encounter with the slow one assumes characteristics decisive both for the woman and for the young girl.


film director

Pietro Contadini

Pietro Contadini (Cascinette, Turin; 1984) directed Il lento, which was presented at the 52nd Venice Film Festival. In 1999 his short film, Fontina, won the audience award at Cinema in Diretta. His Che ti dice Stanislavsky opened the Method Fest at Pasadena, California, where it was nominated for best direction.


Frammenti di vita scolastica (cm, 1975), Il lento (cm, 1996), Il chiodo fisso (cm, 1997), Il vino (cm, 1998), Fontina (cm, 1999), Che ti dice Stanislavsky (cm, 1999), Backstage di Cinema in Diretta (cm, 2000), Nel cassonetto (cm, 2001).


& Credits

Director: Pietro Contadini.
Screenplay: Pietro Contadini, Kay Wilson, Franco Allazetta, Francesco Ciglio.
Director of photography: Carlo Ausino.
Editor: Eolo Soffi.
Sound: Maurizio Grassi (presa diretta).
Music: Annalie Wilson.
Cast: Giacomo Contadini, Kay Wilson, Francesca Contadini, Gordon Wilson.
Production company: Edi Metallo, via Mompierole 2, 10010 Cascinette d'Ivrea (TO), tel. +390125-615697.