Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 15'

"... But there was just me there /and her, and the sharp trees / saying, that's you standing there / you're... just you / I hope I fry / hell care when I saw / MYSELF and couldn't stand" (from Frank Bidart's Herbert White)

"I believe that in extreme, pathological situations it is possible to ascertain some lines, some potentially explosive scars that are hidden in every one of us." (Daniele Gaglianone)


& Credits

Director, Screenplay, Director of photography and Sound: Daniele Gaglianone.
Editor: Ernaldo Data.
Cast: Claudio Zanotto Contino, Paola Risoli, Emanuele Romeo, Maria Fammilume, Angelo Gaglianone.
Production company: Daniele GaglianoneHurbinek, via San Giorgio Canavese 12, 10142 Torino, tel. +390114114471, Cooperativa 28 Dicembre, via Fabro 2, 10121 Torino, tel. +39011-4114471, fax +39011-539274.