Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 34'

Nico is a twentythreeyearold who works in a mechanics' workshop in a big city. As he watches television one night, he sees broadcast live an act of terrorism being committed against the prime minister. There is something in those images that does not convince him and he lets his suspicions lead him on a search for the truth. But someone is already on his heels. And if this blood were only ketchup?


film director

Carlo A. Sigon

Carlo A. Sigon (Monza, 1964) attended the School of Architecture and the Centro Tecniche Cinematografiche in Milan. He began to work as an apprentice for Film Master arid for RB&A of Milan. Since 1990 he has directed numerous commercials.


Coazione a ripetere (Super8, 1988), L'image (35mm, 1989), Terra di nessuno (35mm, 1993), Festa (35mm, 1994), Ketchup (1995).


& Credits

Director: Carlo A. Sigon.
Screenplay: Giuseppe Paganin, Carlo A. Sigon.
Director of photography: Federico Masiero.
Art director: Marco Belluzzi.
Editor: Mauro Salesi.
Music: Tiziano Tonon.
Cast: Massimo Bellinzoni, Claudia Pandolfi, Alessandro Di Natale, Guido Rubeto, Paolo Graziosi, Marco Bertin, Hermana Mandelli, Marco Fomigoni, Isa Barzizza.
Production company: Film Master, via Marocco 18, 00100 Roma, tel. +39065917071, fax +3906591885.



UN ANNO DI CORTI ITALIANI AWARD 1995 - In collaborazione con C.I.C. Aiace

Best Short Film