Proposals 1995

L'amore proibito dell'eroe

The hero's forbidden love

Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 36'

The story is that of a soldier, Doron Maizel. He is not an ordinary soldier, but a respected and esteemed colonel and doctor, who has been having a love affair over the past seven years with a handsome young man, Adir Steine, In this way, he challenges the rules and conventions and risks compromising his own chances at a career. The army understands and tolerates a strange and contradictory relationship like this, where the being of one part of the couple the soldier walks the line between duty and passion every day. The relationship goes on until disease enters the scene . A malignant melanoma brings Doron to his death in a span of a few months. Adir has survived, but slowly, tenaciously and, above all, in extreme solitude, he decides to remember and bear witness, Re any jew, by conducting his personal battle. He himself becomes a "soldier" in order to get the army and the state to recognize him officially as a widower. In this way he could use some of the social services that are guaranteed to those who normally find themselves in this status, such as the transferral of the pension. The video presents the words of Adir, the soldiers, common people who are interviewed, Professor Eran Dolef (Medical General of the Israeli Armed Forces), and of Yael Dayan, fighting Labour Party deputy. These words do not lack in lyrical and nostalgic touches, in respect and in faith in the capacity of institutions to understand and, in the end, perhaps, to help.


film director

Giovanni Minerba

Giovanni Minerba (Aradeo, Lecce) began his long artistic career with Ottavio Mai in 1977. In 1982, the two presented Dalla Vita di Piero at the Festival Cinema Giovani. In 1986 they created the Festival Internazionale di Film con Tematiche Omosessuali in Turin. By financing themselves, they have also produced works by other directors.


Giovanni Minerba: Dalla vita di Piero (1982, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Teatrante, musicante e saltimbanco (cm, 1985), Un po' di sud (cm, 1986), , Contrappunti (cm, 1987), Da Sodoma a Hollywood (Il Festival del vizio) (cm, 1989, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Tea for Two (cm, 1989, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Epitaffi (1989, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Fiction (cm, 1990, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Partners (1990, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Il «fico» del regime (1991, co-regia Ottavio Mai), Orfeo, il giorno prima (cm, 1994), L'amore proibito dell'eroe (1996), Che cos'È mai questo amore? (2000).


& Credits

Director: Giovanni Minerba.
Aiuto regia: Elisabetta Humouda.
Director of photography: Gil Arad.
Editor: Claudio Domenicali, Elisabetta Humouda, Giovanni Minerba.
Cast: Adir Steiner.
Production company: L'Altra Comunicazione e Euphon, c/o L'Altra Comunicazione, via Torquato Tasso il, 10122 Torino, Italy, tel. +390114366855