Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 30'

In the year when film's hundred years are being celebrated, experimental film is being celebrated at Monte Olimpino. Bruno Munari and Marcello Piccardo present themselves briefly, and then let the film develop along the lines of the images of the party and the voice over telling the story of the last ten years of filmic work and o the people who did it. Among these people there is a young boy who is a bit curious. He discovers that the great workshop where films are made keeps traces both real and imaginary of all that work. Marcello's closing salutations give the feeling that both the story and the party are over. The video, Film Hill, is a free adaptation of Marcello Piccardo's book of the same name.


film director

Andrea Piccardo

Andrea Piccardo (1948) started to get acquainted with film in the "Monte Olimpino Workshop" set up by Bruno Munari and by his father, Marcello Piccardo, who got all his five children involved in this project. For about ten years they made and produced together experimental films destined both for business and advertising. He joined with five other young friends in setting up one of the first free television stations in Tuscany in 1975. When Promovideo was founded in 1985, he returned to making and producing television films in the fields of company promotion as well as of industrial, cultural, educational, and scientific information. In this activity, he kept up his working contacts with national broadcasters in the planning and executing of television programs.


La collina del cinema (1995).


& Credits

Director, screenplay and editor: Andrea Piccardo.
Director of photography: Massimo Corsi.
Music: Simone Mauri.
Cast: Bruno Munari, Andrea Piccardo, Anna Piccardo, Cristina Piccardo, Giovanna Piccardo, Marcello Piccardo, Michele Piccardo.
Production company: Centro Regionale Servizi Didattici Audiovisivi Regione Lombardia, c/o Salvatore Lillo, via Soderini 24, Milano, Italy, tel. +3902-4891660, fax +3902472182.