Country: Italy
Year: 16'
Duration: 16'

Lao is a Chinese ideograph that means "old" in the sense of something that does not change. In a world that is more and more frenetic and withdrawn into itself, the natural rhythm of "something that does not change" can no longer find its real space.


film director

Stefano Milla

Stefano Milla (Turin, 1968) made his first short film to be entered in festival competition in 1985. He then took part in several independent productions as an actor. In addition to acting, he has participated regularly in various video and film exhibitions, entering his own self-produced work since 1988. In 1992 one of his feature films began to be distributed in home video form. He chose to devote himself celluloid film and, in 1993, won the first prize in the Italian Space competition at the Turin Film Festival. In 1994 he wrote and directed a television program for a local station. In 1995 he received the jury's special mention at the Preview of Independent Cinema of Bellaria.


Il vero nome (video, 1985), La sfera di cristallo (video, 1987), Telecasa (video, 1988), Regulus (video. 1988), Armaghedon (video, 1991), Devil (video, 1991), Sono già morti (video, 1992), Tinderbox (video, 1992), Tian (16mm, 1993), Mutazioni (16mm, 1994), Lao (1995).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Stefano Milla.
Fotografia, segretaria di edizione: Raffaella Isoardi.
Editor: Stefano Milla.
Production company: Martina Drappo, Giovanni Arduino, corso Racconigi 139 bis, 10141 Torino, tel. +39011387355.