Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 15'

This is a story of crossgenerational conflicts between mothers and daughters told in an exasperated and grotesque way. A girl is fleeing from a robbery that went wrong. After years of silence, she turns to her mother to ask her for help because certain "ties" are impossible to loosen, especially if they are blood ties. But, the girl's mother, too, needs to get some satisfaction, and there is a disquieting juice mixer in the way.


film director

Domenico Liggieri

Domenico Liggieri (Catania, 1970) contributed as performing arts reporter for the newspaper, "Il Giornale di Sicilia". From 1991 to 1994 he was news editor for the Catanese television station, TelevideoInn. In 1993 he published the book Il giovane cinema siciliano. He worked as assistant director in Roberta Torre's film Senti amor mio? At present he works with the journals "Duel" and "Cineclub" as well as with RAI 3.


Fuoco e terra dell'Etna (video, 1990), Legami di sangue (1995).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Domenico Liggieri.
Director of photography: Aldo Marchiori.
Editor: Alessandro Cerquetti.
Musiche: Uzeda.
Operatore: Adriano Mancori.
Sound designer: Maurizio Argentieri.
Cast: Valentina Lainati, Anna Orso, Gabriella Armeni.
Production company: Camera Service, via Delle Rande 6, 00100 Roma, tel. +39677204645.