Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 10'

Inspired by the travel diary of the Frenchman Michel Parmentier, a group of travelers decides to cross over the mountains of Lebanon on skis from the territory inland of Beirut up to the Syrian border. The territories that are crossed had remained closed to foreigners for a long time. They become a kind of never before experienced place nestled between the snow and the desert where a new chapter of that wholly European obsession of the "voyage to the Orient" takes form. This is an obsession that is full of contradictions because it is tottering between the neuroses of the western traveler and the reality of the Arab world that cannot be reconciled with the European imagination.


film director

Enrico Verra

Enrico Verra (Turin, 1962) received a degree in Film History and Criticism at Turin University. He attended the school of video documentation directed by Daniele Segre and Gianni Volpi. He was the co-screenwriter of Luca Busso's short film, Da qualche parte in Italia; director of production in Daniele Segre's Manila Paloma Blanca; assistant director in Bruno Bigoni's Veleno; and unit manager in Guido Chiesa's Il caso Martello.


You Gotta Move (16mm, 1989), Italo (video, 1990), Pannocchia (video, 1990), Real Falchera FC (video, 1991), Il signor Rossi prese il fucile (video, 1994), No Man's Land (1995)


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Enrico Verra.
Director of photography: Gherardo Gossi.
Editor: Luca Gasparini.
Consulente al suono: Giuseppe Napoli.
Organizzazione: Claudia Apostolo.
Coordinamento riprese sci: Giulio Beuchod.
Location manager: Remy Bacarat, Michel Elefteriades.
Production company: Shooting, via Cassini 67, 10129 Torino, tel. +39011591246.