Country: Brazil
Year: 1964
Duration: 92'

São Paulo. A millionaire and a younger penniless friend spend the night with two "easy" girls. They shut themselves up in an apartment where the four could devote themselves to the most unchained acts of madness. However, the millionaire and one of the girls never stop torturing each other. Meanwhile, the other couple seem almost to have the chance to have a human relationship, even love. Dawn carries everything away and leaves each character with him or herself for company.

"This is a healing, cruel, merciless work that offers no further level of appeal for someone who explains, analyzes, dissects, or performs a real autopsy on the sense of anguish that is repeated excessively in the transactions of love and in the subsequent, inevitabie emotion of frustration, guilt, and mutual humiliation." (Rubem Biáfora)


film director

Walter Hugo Khouri


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Walter Hugo Khouri.
Director of photography: Rudolf Icsey.
Art director: Pierino Massenzi.
Editor: Mauro Alice.
Music: Rogério Duprat e "Zimbo Trio".
Cast: Norma Bengell, Odete Lara, Mario Benvenuti, Gabriele Tinti, Lisa Negri, Marisa Woodward, Célia Watanabe, Júlia Kovaks, Darcy Cardoso, Ricardo Rivas, Wilfred Khoury, Laura Maria, "The Rebel".
Production company: Kamera Filmes, Vera Cruz, Walter Hugo Khouri.