Country: Brazil
Year: 1968
Duration: 10'

With no apparent motive, a young peasant kills his father and goes off down the roads of the country meeting other characters who seem to be equally unattached to reality as he goes on his way. He meets a priest, a prostitute, a blind man, a pregnant cangaçeiro, a transvestite, a showgirl dancer, and a fallen angel. At the end a group of thirty people is formed.

"The film follows the path of a group of characters representative (or not) of the so-called Brazilian civilization... A Rimbaud-like pilgrimage that ís direct and that goes off towards the unknown. It is a devastation of our poetic forests." (Jairo Ferreira)

"João Silvério Trevisan spent years in a seminary. He spent just as many years in Cineteca. His blasphemies against religion and against Cinema Nôvo are not frivolous. The theologians and the exegetes acknowledge something that is the polar opposite of the greatest sin - indifference. Everything here comes up from the bottom, sometimes with the heat of fire." (Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes)

"I love my film passionately. I'm not saying this just to say something. I love it simply because my conscience is there in every shot, and because the film breathes my time. Nevertheless, cinema, for me, is an chance and circumstantial fact." (João Silvério Trevisan)


film director

João Silvério Trevisan


& Credits

Director and screenplay: João Silvério Trevisan.
Director of photography: Carlos Reichenbach.
Editor: João Batista de Andrade.
Music: Ibanez (canzoni originali), musica peruviana.
Cast and characters: Pedro Paulo Rangel (il ragazzo), Fernando Benini (secondo ragazzo), Ozualdo Candeias (il padre del ragazzo), Sérgio "Bright" Couto (travestito), José Fernandez (cieco), Walter Marins (cangaçeiro incinto), Neusa Mollon, Janira Santiago, Marcelino Buru, José Gaspar, Fernando Benincasa, Jean-Claude Bernadet.
Assistenti alla regia: Tania Savieto, Jairo Ferreira.
Production company: João Silvério Trevisan, Renato Grechi, Luis Sérgio Person, INF Industria Nacional de Filmes.