Country: Brazil
Year: 1962
Duration: 100'

This is a picture of two young "cafajestes" - that is, people living in Rio who are do-nothings and ready to play atrocious tricks on people. One is poor and the other is middle class. They take a nude photo on the beach of the girlfriend of the middle-class boy's uncle. They they try to play the same trick on another girl. The situation points out the miserable lives of the cafajestes and their prey.

"It was an important technical experience for me and a practical try-out of what I could do. On the other hand, it was a film made fundamentally to be successful. I aimed to break with the formulas of production existing at that time and with the attitude of producers who did not even want to take a chance by making a police film. So I made a film that aimed to be 'artistic'and at the same time had a strong erotic aggressiveness. When I watch it now, I think ilt is a film that is pretty imperfect at the level of its scripting, even though it was evaluated as very well made in relationship to what Brazilian film was then. I even ran into many of my friends who told me they preferred it to Os fuzis..." (Ruy Guerra)


film director

Ruy Guerra


& Credits

Director: Ruy Guerra.
Sceneggiatura e soggetto: Miguel Torres, Ruy Guerra.
Director of photography: Tony Rabatoni.
Editor: Nello Melli, Zelia Costi.
Music: Luis Bonf`.
Sound: Aloysio Vianna.
Cast: Norma Bengell, Daniel Filho, Jece Valadão, Flugo Carvana, Glauce Rocha, Lucy Carvalho.
Production company: Jece Valadão, Magnus Filmes.