Country: Brazil
Year: 1972
Duration: 100'

This is a very unheroic version of the so-called Inconfidencia Mineira, a conspiracy in the struggle for independence in eighteenth-century Minas Gerais, center of colonial wealth. Among The Mistrustful there are poets and leading social figures, the curate, and the colonel of the garrison. The dentist, Tiradentes, is tortured for conspiracy against the Portuguese crown. He is the only one to fully assume all his responsibility for his actions. For this reason he is executed. Today people pay homage to this hero of the independence movement.


film director

Joaquim Pedro de Andrade


& Credits

Director: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade.
Screenplay: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Eduardo Escorel.
Plot: da "Romanceiro da Incofidencia" di Cecília Meireles.
Director of photography: Pedro de Morais.
Art director: Anisio Medeiros.
Editor: Eduardo Escorel.
Music: Ary Barroso, Agustin Lira.
Cast: José Wilker, Luis Linhares, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Fernando Torres, Carlos Kroeber, Nelson Dantes, Carlos Gregorio, Maragrida Rey, Susana Gonçalves, Teresa Medina, Fábio Sabag, Wilson Grey, Roberto Maia.
Production company: Filmes do Serro, Grupo Filmes, Mapa Filmes, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, RAI.