Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 5'

A strange divinity is exploring deep space with a movie camera and makes out a distant planet that has a little house on top of it. Nan`, a little female dwarf, is being held prisoner by an evil governess and her worthy underling, the maid Marina. Nana has the job of caring for Dr. Ninette, an old lawyer who is the master of the house. The governess is jealous of the feelings that bind Ninette and Nana and, so, savagely mistreats her. But - look out the "Von Masoch" give prior notice of their arrival on the TV monitor. Some time later, Ninette kisses Nana during a party while everybody is watching. The tension explodes. The governess hurIs herself on Nan`. Meanwhile, at the end of the hall two celestial beings materialize and the "Von Masoch" the paladins of justice land in the kitchen. They kill Marina, and take the unfortunate Nan` into their care. The spell is broken, Good has triumphed. The governess is defeated. Nan` flies away into sidereal space with her saviors.


film director

Walter Montagna

Walter Montagna (Naples, 1970) is a university student in Modern Literature. In 1991 he debuted as assistant director for Salvatore Piscitelli's Baby-gang. He continued his work as assistant camera person to Tonino Nardi for Mario Monicelli's Cari fottutissimi amici. He worked as assistant camera person in the RAI TV film, Il grande Fausto (directed by Alberto Sironi) and in Piccoli Orrori (directed by Tonino De Bernardi). He also worked as assistant camera person for the making of the sign-on sequence for Arcipelago 95 directed by Pappi Corsicato. As director, he made a documentary on the preparation of the art exhibit, "La città invisibile", put on in connection with "Galassia Gutenberg" (Naples, 1995).


Il posto dove vivo (1992, realizzato con Gabriele Salvatores), Andando a dormire (1992), Paradiso blu (1995).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Walter Montagna.
Director of photography: Tommaso Borgstrom, Simone Pierini, Giulio Pietrangeli.
Art director: Walter Montagna, Antonio Sullo.
Editor: Fiorella Giovannelli.
Music: Von Masoch.
Cast: Nino Bruno, Pappi Corsicato, laia Forte, Simona Frasca, Paola Ricciardi.
Production company: Agit Film Montagna, corso Umberto 1237, 80138 Napoli, tel. +39-0815547573.