Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 15'

Brighton, 1908. Carol is abandoned by her father, who uses the excuse that he is out of tobacco to go out of the house and to sail to France to search for an old girlfriend of his. She keeps going in her sad existence at the side of her old blind mother. They spend their years in the hope that the head of the family will return. Their economic situation is critical. The family falls into the most profound and desolate misery. They are terrorized by the possibility that the pestilential Mr Emmerthon will be arriving from any minute to the next. Both of them experience moments of real anguish. Mr Emmerthon is the landlord. He has rude and brutal ways of collecting the rent. A young doctor is secretly in love with Carol. He ends up being the only bulwark set up against the violence of the feared Mr Emmerthon. Happy ending.


film director

Michele Di Mauro

Michele Di Mauro (born in Turin) has worked since 1980 as actor and director at various theater companies — the Teatro Stabile di Torino, il Gruppo della Rocca, Teatro Settimo, and Lo Stabile di Palermo. He played the leading role in Gianluca Tavarelli's film, Portami via. He has worked as writer and actor for RAI radio and television broadcasts. At Cinema in Diretta he won the best actor award in 1999 as well as the best short film award in 2000.


Petali (cm, 1996), Domenica 6 febbraio 2000 (cm, 2000), Jingle Bells (cm, 2000), Paul Newman (2001).


& Credits

Regia e musica: Michele Di Mauro.
Screenplay: I soggetti.
Director of photography: Bruce Starr.
Art director: Leandro Agostini.
Editor: Juan Carlos Gnocchini.
Sound: Pentaphone.
Cast: Carlo Barbero, Simonetta Benozzo, Marta Columbro, Gennaro De Leo, Laura Righi, Antonio Spadaro, Manuela Tamietti.
Production company: I soggetti, via Praciosa 11, 10024 Moncalieri, Italy, tel. +390112473121, fax +39011850610.