Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 60'

"Twenty years after Pier Paolo Pasolini's death, this documentary film about him may be the chance to go over his life or his works, his films or his writings, the role he played in Italian society from the 1950's to the 1970's or the effect that his books have had and still have on the public and the critics. But it may also be a review centered wholly on his films in order to determine the reasons behind his stylistic choice - or better, his series of choices in form and content. In this historical and critical perspective, Pasolini's cinema is a run through filmic language and through contemporary society. From the blinding and solar immediacy of Accattone to the terribly sombre show of Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma, Pasolini's cinema takes off from a situation we could call 'sunniness' (including all the appropriate shadows) and arrives at a situation of 'darkness'. This trajectory is the basic theme of our film-document, Pier Paolo Pasolini, an invitation not to commemorate him, but to study him (as Franco Fortini once said)." (Ivo Barnabò Micheli, Gianni Rondolino)


film director

Ivo Barnabò Micheli

Ivo Barnabò Micheli (Brunico, Bolzano; January 29, 1944) studied at the School of Liberal Arts at the University of Rome and at the Institute of Sociology and Communication at Frankfurt. He then took up his career of teaching and journalism. He has directed films and documentaries since 1968.


Holderlin (doc., 1968), I pazzi di Geel (doc., 1969), Il vento degli zingari (doc., 1969), La memoria di Kunz (1970), Pier Paolo Pasolini 70 (doc., 1970), I corvi (1971), Parliamo tanto di me: C. Zavattini (mm, 1972), Troppo di niente - rapporto sulle miniere sarde (1973-74), Le donne sono la meta del cielo: la Magliana (1974), Manfredonia, una fabbrica esplode (doc., 1975), Eritrea (doc., 1976), Heinrich Boll (1977), Trance africana (1978), Il re divino: una storia africana (1979), Bruno Ganz: il mestiere di attore (doc., 1979), Incastrato: notizie per un film di C. Kaser (1982), Il lungo inverno (1984-85), A futura memoria: Pier Paolo Pasolini (1985-86), I giorni dell'avventura: Roberto Rossellini (1986-87), Francesco di Assisi (doc., 1988), Eppur si muove (1989-90), Karl Kraus, gli ultimi giorni dell'umanità (1991-92), Giuseppe Primoli, 8x9 Reflex (doc., 1993), Pier Paolo Pasolini (doc., 1995).


& Credits

Director: Ivo Barnabò Micheli.
Screenplay: Gianni Rondolino, Ivo Barnabò Micheli.
Director of photography: Luigi Verga.
Editor: Giuliano Mattioli.
Music: Gabriella Brunamonti.
Produzione e Italian distribution: Istituto Luce, via Tuscolana 1055, 00173 Roma, Italy, tel. +39-06-7222496-72293366, fax +39-06-7222493.