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Robert Bresson ni vu ni connu

Robert Bresson ni vu ni connu

Country: France
Year: 1965
Duration: 64'

"I filmed this conversation with Bresson in March 1965. He had not made a film for some years, and I think he felt the need to talk to someone much younger than himself - I was 23 - to set out his ideas about the cinema. I appear here and there in the film myself, which is natural since it was a conversation. But I have always liked to think that Bresson was directing me in my questions, all the more since he virtually rewrote the questions personally. We actually added the questions after the answers, to make the conversation more orderly, because what Bresson likes most of all is to answer questions he puts to himself." (François Weyergans, from the "Introduction" to the re-edited film, 1994)


film director

François Weyergans


& Credits

Director: François Weyergans.
Director of photography: Jean Limousin, Marc Jusseaume.
Sound: Michel Lamy, Jean-Claude Brisson.
Editor: Guy Fitussi, Liliane Laborde.
Assistente al montaggio: Jean-Claude Cathary.
Assistente: Yves Kovacs.
Musica dei titoli di testa: Pierre Henry.
Production company: ORTF.
Riedizione: La Sept/ARTE, AMIP, INA.
Produttori delegati: Xavier Carniaux (AMIP), Thierry Garrel (La Sept), Claude Guisard (INA), con la partecipazione di CNC e Procirep.
Serie diretta da: Janine Bazin, André S. Labarthe.
Riprese: Parigi.
Estratti di film: Pickpocket, Le procès de Jeanne d'Arc.
Collaborazione: Raymond Depardon.
Sound: Claudine Nougaret.
Editor: Camille Bordes Resnais.
Musica dei titoli di testa: Georges Delerue.
Mixaggio: Anne Le Campion.
Altre collaborazioni: Nathalie Credoux, Elisabeth Marliangeas, Liane Willemont.
Letture di: Métilde Weyergans.