Country: Germany
Year: 1995
Duration: 21'

Helge works as a masseur in a hospital. Every morning he goes to the work in a taxi. While making coffee for his colleagues, he likes listening to some radio-music. By putting his fingertips on the membrane of the old receiver he is able to find a music station. His preferences go to bass-oriented sounds. Sense-less is a step by step description of a masseur's every day life - a masseur who can't see nor hear.


film director

Karin Malwitz

Karin Malwitz was born on the 1st of April 1963 in Marktoberdorf (Bavaria). In 1983-84 she attended a practical course in a Video Company in Offenbach. Since 1984 she has worked as freelance storyboard-designer and graphic-designer. Since 1985 he has started studying at the Offenbach Art College in the film-department.


Der Geiger (cm, 1987), 7 Min und 43 Sec (cm, 1988), Die Ente (cm, 1991), Bunkerlow (doc., 1993), Sinn-Los (doc., 1995).


& Credits

Regia, sceneggiatura e fotografia: Karin Malwitz.
Editor: Karin Malwitz, Thomas Carle.
Music: Stefan Traub.
Cast: Helge Maistryszin, Andreas Kühner.
Produzione e vendita all'estero: Karin Malwitz, Habsburgerallee 4, 60385 Frankfurt, Germany, tel. +49-69-4990510, fax +49-69-448555.