Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 6'

What can indifference lead to? It can unhinge a pimp from his ironclad "moral" principles. The failure of his threats and intimidation gives rise to this man's torment. He is stripped bare when faced with his prostitute's lack of a reaction. He seeks a working alliance with her as a last ditch effort.


film director

Stefano Russo

Stefano Russo (Naples, 1970), in 1990 follows a course of scriptwriting given by Maurizio Fiume. In 1994 his short film Un paradiso, directed with Paolo Sorrentino, is screened at the Turin Film Festival, at Anteprima Bellaria and at Arcipelago 4 in Rome. Since 1998 he has been writing screenplays for TV. In 2003 he wins the 5th edition of PescaraCortoScript with You Are What You Eat. At the moment he is busy with his first long feature film, Piante dal fiore reciso.


Febbraio 1990 (cm, 1990), Un Paradiso (cm, 1994), Un Santo, il porco, il fuoco (cm, 1995), Sventramento (cm, 1995), Terra! (cm, 1996), Domus Aurea (cm, 1996), L'imbalsamatore (cm, 1997), Una pistola per tutti (cm, 2002), Sei quello che mangi (cm, 2003).


& Credits

Regia, sceneggiatura, scenografia e montaggio: Stefano Russo.
Director of photography: Gianluca lodice, Paolo Sorrentino.
Sound: Gianluca Iodice.
Cast: Gianni Bove, Francesca De Gaetano, Bruno Grillo.
Production company and Italian distribution: Stefano Russo per Dozzi Cinefilme, via Consalvo 148, 80126 Napoli, tel. +39081-2393432, fax +390815603851.
Co-production: Bruno Grillo per Cricket Film, via Jannelli 47, 80131 Napoli, tel. +39081-5794621.