Country: UK
Year: 1995
Duration: 27'

The story concerns a man who is obsessed with the writings of Leopold von Sacher Masoch (the first "Masochist"). Adopting the writers name as his own, he signs himself into a clinic for behavioral correction, under the care of a psychotherapist. Claiming to seek a cure for his condition, he is however using the therapy as a way of bringing his fantasy to life and comes to see his psychotherapist as the incarnation of the powerful woman of his fantasy. As he attempts to seduce his therapist and to reveal his darker side to her, he soon discovers that contemporary psychotherapy can be more severe than the conditions that it seeks to cure.


film director

Ewan Morrison

Ewan Morrison graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Fine Art, before working as a freelance Arts and Media critic. His articles have been published by International and National Arts magazine. In 1992 he won the "Pepinières scholarship pour jeunes artistes européens" and spent three months as scriptwriter in Angers, France. In 1994 he was awarded one of the first Time based Media Artists Awards by the Scottish Arts Council, and directed and worked on a number of short films.


The Voyeurs (16mm, cm, 1991), Closet (Betacam, cm, 1994), Blue Christmas (16mm, cm, 1994), The Contract (16mm, cm, 1995).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Ewan Morrison.
Director of photography: Kathleen Friend.
Art director: Campbell Atkinson.
Editor: Gary Scott.
Music: Martin Hodgson.
Sound: Andrea Seath.
Cast and characters: Jacqueline Pearce (la terapista), Henry lan Cusick (Leopold), Jeff Mongrain (l'americano).
Production company: Angela Murray.
Foreign sales agent: Factory Films, 39 Byres Road, Glasgow G11 5RG, UK, tel. +44-41-3340241.