Country: UK
Year: 1995
Duration: 12'

A composer's world is thrown off-balance by his sinister neighbour, optician David Suchet.


film director

Stephen Brown

After graduating in social anthropology from Sussex University, Stephen Brown strated out in film in Paris where he worked for two years as a production assistant. Returning to England, he worked until 1987 as an assistant director and production manager on various feature films, commercials, and music videos. He then completed a one-year postgraduate diploma in film rnaking at Goldsmiths College, London and has been directing ever since.


GentIe Breathing (doc., 1988), Club X (doc., 1989), Frankly Speaking (doc., 1989), Red Light Road (doc., 1989), Hostages (cm, 1989), The Word (doc., 1990), Abbeyview (video, 1991), Selling Accessories (1992), Perfect Serve (1992), Channel Five (video, 1992), Dame Edna's Christmas Cracker (video, 1992), Breathing (cm, 1993), The Curious (1995).


& Credits

Director: Stephen Brown.
Screenplay: Robert Smith.
Director of photography: Belinda Parsons.
Art director: Jeremy Bear.
Editor: Anne Sopel.
Music: John Harle.
Cast: David Suchet (l'ottico), Oliver Parker (il compositore), Caroline Catz (la ragazza), Melanie Pappenheim, David Morgan, Gabriel Ellenberg.
Production company: British Film Institute "New Directors" Production, Channel 4 Television.
Foreign sales agent: BFI Production, British Film Institute, 29 Rathbone Street, London W1P 1AC, UK, tel. +44-71-6365587, fax +44-71-5809456.