Country: UK
Year: 1995
Duration: 11'

Two Belfast students, Gwen and Finbar, leave a party in search of a loaf of bread. On their journey through the dark and dangerous streets of Belfast, they meet many suspicious and neurotic characters. In the end, found a pan loaf, Gwen and Finbar discover the sustenance of life. The Belfast street become a surreal world where everyt11ing is not as it seems.


film director

Sean Hinds

After graduating from London International Film School he worked as a cameraman in Europe and the U.K. before going on to direct commercials. The Pan Loaf is his first short film.


The Pan Loaf (cm, 1995).


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Sean Hinds.
Director of photography: Bahram Manocheri.
Editor: Liz Webber.
Music: Paddy Cunneen.
Cast and characters: Conor Crimes (Finbar), Emma O'Neil (Gwen), lan McElhinney (il bottegaio), Maureen O'Brien (vecchia signora), Martin Cochrane (Ringo), Andy Downs (uomo nel negozio).
Produzione e vendita all'estero: Stephanie Faugier, 29 Seymour Buildings, London W1H 5TQ, UK, tel. +44-1714025338