Country: UK
Year: 1995
Duration: 18'

The film tells the story of the humble pen, used millions of times a day and never given a second thought until, of course, you don't have one and you absolutely need to write something.


film director

Bill Pryde

Bill Pryde's theatre career began as assistant director at the Lyceum Theatres in Edinburgh. He completed the BBC Directors Course in 1990. The Pen marks his film debut.


The Pen (cm, 1995).


& Credits

Director: Bill Pryde.
Screenplay: lain Heggie.
Director of photography: Alasdair Walker.
Art director: Tom Sayer, Mike Gunn.
Editor: James Hamilton.
Music: Chic Medley.
Cast and characters: Bill Paterson (l'uomo), Imelda Staunton (la donna).
Production company: Navigator Films, 99 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BB, tel. e fax +44-131-5583275.
Foreign sales agent: BBC Scotland Programme Development, BBC Scotland, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow 412 8DG, UK, tel. +44-141-3382204, fax +44-141-3382792.