Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 18'

At the beginning, there was "just an image," a woman in a window (seen by Vermeer and Bonnard, by also by Godard and Garrel). Everything had to go back to her look. Through the window. The woman waits, and her wait is the wait of love. Meanwhile, different women's voices read love letters... For a cinema of the emotions.


& Credits

Director and director of photography: Alberto Momo.
Sceneggiatura e montaggio: Giulietta De Bernardi, Alberto Momo.
Music: Beethoven, Muge, Nico.
Cast: Giulietta De Bernardi, Cesar Garcia Perez De Leon.
Production company: Alberto Momo, via Re 114, 10146 Torino, tel. +39011725821.