Country: Japan
Year: 1995
Duration: 87'

Tsuda is a brilliant Tokyo insurance agent who is living with his girlfriend Hizuru. One day he catches sight of an old high-school friend of his, Takuji - now a professional boxer - at a boxing match, but he tries to avoid him. When he goes back to work, he find himself face to face with his old friend and he struck by the familiarity with which he treats Hizuru. While Tsuda is not in, Takuji goes to visit Hizuru, kisses her and tries to embrace her. Hizuru is attracted by Takuji's muscular body, but puts up some resistance to him. When Tsuda comes home, he immediately notices that there is something strange in the way Hizuru is acting. Convinced that he has been betrayed, Tsuda is ready to fight Takuji. He runs to his house, but the boxer floors him quickly. Several days later during a boxing match, Takuji suddenly doesn't manage to get his punches across any more. Hizuru watches the match on the sly and is fascinated by it. She decides to go to live with the boxer. She has her arm tattooed, and her ears, nose, and nipples pierced in order to appear more seductive. Meanwhile, Tsuda is hungering for vengeance and decides to learn how to box. The three characters slowly transform themselves and the final showdown is near.


film director

Tsukamoto Shin'ya

Tsukamoto Shinya was born in Tokyo in 1960 and as a child was a stalwart fan of Japanese-style The Twilight Zone program, Ultra Q. When he finished the University in 1982, he spent four years working as director for a TV commercials production house. His first feature Tetsuo (The Iron Man), describes the bizarre metamorphosis of a Japanese businessman into a mass of metal. The film attracted notice around the world and became a cult movie.


The Phantom o the Regular Size (Super8, cm, 1986), The Adventure of Dencgu Kozo (Super8, mm, 1987), Tetsuo (The Iron Man, 1989), Hiruku (The Goblin, 1990), Tetsuo II (The Body Hammer, 1991), Tokyo Fist (1995).


& Credits

Regia, sceneggìatura, fotografia e montaggio: Tsukamoto Shin'ya.
Music: Ishikawa Chu.
Cast: Fujii Kahori, Tsukamoto Koji, Tsukamoto Shin'ya, Takenaka Naoto, Musaka Naomasa, Wajima Koichi.
Producer: Tsukamoto Shin'ya.
Foreign sales agent: Kaijyu Theater Co. Ltd, 1-32-4 Nishisugamo Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170, Japan, tel. +81-3~39497507, fax +81-3-38258611