Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 12'

Cristina is a beautiful thirtyyearold woman who reads fairy tales for a pay phone service. She is only used to speaking into a tape recorder. Giulio works at night at a printing press. Every night near midnight, he treats himself to a telephone fairy tale a sweet and delicate moment. It is too bad that the voice is recorded on tape. One night the tape gets tangled. Cristina is forced to talk "live," pretending she is on tape. Giulio is listening, and notices that he is talking with a live person. A tie of trusting cooperation and maybe of love is built up between them. Chance has them meet on a bus. Without fairy tales and without dreams, they go away without recognizing each other.


film director

Monica Vullo

Monica Vullo (Rome, 1966) received a diploma as script supervisor and assistant production manager at the Roberto Rossellini State Institute for Film and Television in Rome. She worked in numerous film and television productions as script supervisor and assistant director.


Tre minuti a mezzanotte (1995).


& Credits

Director: Monica Vullo.
Screenplay: Monica Vullo, Laura Fischetto.
Director of photography: Carlo Maria Montuori.
Music: Natale Massara.
Cast and characters: Silvio Orlando (Giulio), Bettina Giovannini (Cristina).
Production company: Bianca Film, via Fedele Lampertico 7, 00191 Roma, tel. +3906-3296791, fax +3906-3296790.