Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 30'

The film is a free adaptation of Rosanna Benvenuto and Federico Sanguineti's Marrakech, an erotic monologue for two voices that can be used as a literary text (a novel), a theatrical text (a happening), and a film text (a screenplay). It is the story of a "he" and a "she". He is obsessed with incarnating the character of Don Giovanni. She is obsessed with the idea of making a film about him. The protagonist of the film is the doubling of love and death. Thus the film is a film about the film that they should make. And then, there is another he (and another she) in every she (and he). Is he alive or dead? Is he crazy about her? Does she desire him? Does she desire him dead or alive? Or does she venerate her father (that father of hers), who is alive, but (1) is living in her; (2) is living again in him? The conclusion is: she falls in love with a psychiatrist, and together they have the courage to run this risk, to love each other in the present. But is it like this? To answer this question, it would be enough to know the plot that is being told in all its details as a news item in the very heart of the film set in Naples and Morocco.


film director

Rosanna Benvenuto

Rosanna Benvenuto (Salerno, 1953) is a screenwriter, actress, and independent producer. She worked as assistant director with Fiorella Infascelli on the film Zuppa di pesce. She has directed various videos, including Ultime notizie, which won the first prize in the Turin Space competition at the 13th Torino Film Festival. She directed various videos as well as stage plays.


Di me niente (1980), Ultime notizie (1995), Spot (1996), Extravagante (1996), Parresia (1997), Macbeth (1999), Sognato (2002).


& Credits

Regia, scenografia, montaggio e suono: Rosanna Benvenuto.
Screenplay: Rosanna Benvenuto, Federico Sanguineti.
Director of photography: Carlo Ruggiero, Davide Sondelli.
Collaborazione al montaggio: Fiorella Amico.
Collaborazione musicale: Nino La Torre.
Cast: Serena Albano, Winni Auricchio, Rosanna Benvenuto, Francesca Cutolo, Giacomo D'Agostino, Enrico D'Aiuto, Francesca Romana Lama, Luciana Lamberti, Paolo Rossetti, Federico Sanguineti, Renato Nicolini.
Production company: Rosanna Benvenuto, piazza Mazzini 9, 84100 Salerno, +39089-253719, fax +39089239721.




First Prize