Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 11'

This is piece of the life of a woman ten very special minutes in which she is being spied at from behind the curtain in the intimacy of her bedroom. She believes that she is alone in the house. She is taken with the sorrows of a love affair that has lacerated and upset her. However, something unforeseen happens that breaks down the repetitive quality of this love affair. The intense color quality of the cinematography and the fiery red of the decoration are meant to suggest the passionate atmosphere of the story. The musical accompaniment aims to add an element of lightness and irony to the story.


film director

Sandra Monteleoni

Sandra Monteleoni (New York, 1953) lives in Rome. Since 1987 she cooperates with RAI 2 e television for the program Mixer directed by Giovanni Minoli.


L'amore da sposati (1995), Un amore imprevisto (1995), Un amore impossibile (1995), Una coppia distratta (1995).


& Credits

Director: Sandra Monteleoni.
Screenplay: Silvia Napolitano.
Director of photography: Italo Petriccione.
Editor: Carla Simoncelli.
Sound: Tullio Morganti, Mauro Lazzaro (presa diretta).
Music: Federico De Robertis.
Cast: Anna Galiena, Rodolfo Corsato.
Production company: Colorado Film Production s.r.l., via Monte Leone 3, 20149 Milano, tel. +390248021595, fax +3902-48010271.