Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 10'

One day in May Cinzia's father closes his eyes forever while in her arms. At that moment Cinzia thinks: "What is life? It slips away like dew. It is a farce. If I have to lose my life to meet the one I love, I would not be sorry". Cinzia has an operation and is under general anaesthesia when she suddenly sees her fathers face. This is the way that a kind of delirium of images and sounds begin. These will lead her to continue a dialogue with her father. In real life, this dialogue had always been interrupted by the events of life. Cinzia arrives at wanting to die just so that she would not lose her father another time, who she has found again in an afterlife that is unknown but present.


film director

Daniela Poggi

Daniela Poggi has a long experience as a stage, screen, and television actress. She has worked with Walter Chiari, Gino Bramieri, Pietro Garinei, Steno, Pasquale Festa Campanile, Emidio Greco, Charles Chabrol and others.


Viaggio d'amore (1995).


& Credits

Director: Daniela Poggi.
Screenplay: Daniela Poggi, Daniela Zeffiro.
Director of photography: Riccardo Lazzarini.
Editor: Carlotta Cristian.
Music: Pachi Canzi.
Sound: Gianfranco Fattori.
Cast and characters: Daniela Poggi (Cinzia), Valentina Canz (Cinzia bambina), Remo Varisco (padre anziano), Domenico Renda (padre giovane), Maurizio Margheriti (chirurgo).
Production company: Artika Motion Picture, via Manin 350/30, 20099 Sesto S. Giovanni (Mi), tel. e fax +39022405555.