Country: Italy
Year: 1995
Duration: 16'40''

Stockbroker Brian O'Hara is the mistaken recipient of a "jump suit" that allows him to walk without effort. It is an invention of the mysterious scientist, Uncle Albert. Once he has put on the jump suit, he stays in it, imprisoned. He begins to walk without stopping. Brian becomes a special case. Crowds follow him enthusiastically. The media talk of nothing but him. After a few weeks, "the walking man" is already considered a modern prophet of western civilization. All of a sudden, Brian goes into a building and disappears. Public opinion goes into an uproar. The secret services find Brian stuck inside the building and find out about everything that was going on. The government decides to "deliver" Brian into orbit around the earth and to make an announcement that the Prophet has disappeared.


film director

Enrico Arfero

Enrico Arfero (Turin, 1963) has worked as a mime, actor, and theater director. Walking man is his debut as director of a video.


& Credits

Director and screenplay: Enrico Arfero.
Editor: Giuseppe Musci.
Music: Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, Rossini, Mozart, Frank Zappa, Leoncavallo.
Cast: Claudio Bertoni, Fabio Farronato, Piersandro Freglio, Stefania Luberti, Claudia Penoni, Carlo Rampin.
Production company: Enrico Arfero, piazza Galimberti 6, 10134 Torino, Italy, tel. +390116191729, fax +39011530988.