Short Film Competition 2002

Dream Work

Dream Work
by Pter Tscherkassky
Country: Austria
Year: 2001
Duration: 11'

A woman goes to bed, falls asleep and begins to dream. Her dream takes her to a landscape of lights and shadows, in a form that can only be evoked by classic cinematography. The film is made using random repertory material.

"Dream Work is the third part of my CinemaScope Trilogy, following L'Arrivée and Outer Space. The formal element that connects the trilogy is the technique known as contact printing, by means of which the repertory material is hand copied frame by frame onto virgin film. In this way, I can literally reproduce the key mechanism which gives dreams their meaning, the dream work, as described by Freud: movement and condensation. The new interpretation of the text, which is constituted by the initial material, is brought about by its movement from its original context and its consequent condensation by means of multiple exposures" (P. Tscherkassky).


film director

Peter Tscherkassky

Peter Tscherkassky (Vienna, 1958) studied philosophy and lived in Berlin from 1979 to 1984. Teaches filmmaking at the Academies of Applied Arts in Linz and Vienna, where he organized several international avant-garde film festivals.


Liebesfilm (cm, 1982), Erotique (cm, 1982), Urlaubsfilm (cm, 1983), Freeze Frame (cm, 1983), Manufraktur (cm, 1985), Kelimba (cm, 1986), Tabula Rasa (cm, 1989), Happyend (cm, 1996), L’Arrivée (cm, 1998), Outerspace (cm, 1999), Get Ready (cm, 1999), Dream Work (cm, 2002).



& Credits

Regia e progetto: Peter Tscherkassky.
Music: Kiawasch Saheb Nassagh.
Production company:Peter Tscherkassky, Wollzeile 21/22, 1010 Wien, Austria, e-mail p.tscherkassky@netway.at.
Co-production: BKA Kunstsektion/Land N÷.
Vendita all'estero: Sixpack Film, Neubaugasse 45/13, P.O. Box 197, 1071 Wien, Austria, tel. +43-1-52609900, fax +43-1-5260992, e-mail office@sixpackfilm.com.