Country: Canada
Year: 2006
Duration: 72'

The story of the life, literary and motion-picture accomplishments of Kenneth Anger, a pivotal figure in the history of experimental film. An innovator and a pioneer, Kenneth defined himself as a “cinematographic magician” and his cinema as a “ritualistic form.” Anger’s films have taken audiences to places where only great film poets can arrive.

“Kenneth Anger is one of the major personalities of the 1960s and 1970s underground art scene. In 1947, Anger shot a short, expressive, imagistic, sexually charged dramatic film entitled Fireworks. This work established him not only as a pioneer of experimental film, but also as a pioneer in the visualization of homo-erotic imagery. In fact he declared that his intention was that of projecting his films directly into the minds of the audience. In the past 5 decades, Anger’s films have been the subject of many books, film panels and film theory courses. Exactly who was Kenneth Anger? Why and how did he make these films? These are some of the issues and questions I’m exploring in Anger Me.” (E. Gelmini)


film director

Elio Gelmini

Elio Gelmini (Casagiove, Caserta, Italy, 1959) as a filmmaker, he has written, produced and directed documentaries and experimental films. After studying Acting and Documentary Film Studies and working as an actor in theatre in Italy, he immigrated to Canada in 1989. His work covers a wide range of social and artistic issues and has been screened at various local and international film festivals. Anger Me is his first feature film.


Dreaming Pills (cm, 1987), Un po’ di tempo (A Bit of Time, cm, 1988), Enlightened Pockets (cm, 1991), That’s the Way (cm, 1993), Drink with Jim (cm, 1994), Borders (cm, 1995), Let’s Talk About Politics (cm, 1996), This Is Chiapas (mm, doc., 1997), Asesinado (cm, doc., 1999), O Solitude (cm, 2003), Anger Me (doc., 2006)